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Fic Title: You Say the Dead Need No Physician
Author Name: Catja Mikhailovic/kitsune13
Artist Name: violateraindrop
Genre: Wincest
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Length: ~21,500
Warnings/Spoilers: Set vaguely post-season 5, but very much seasons 1 and 2 in spirit – this is totally old-school casefile Wincest, baby.
Summary: Love happens, and you have to go where it goes.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
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c is for catja

I don't even know, you guys.

So! More Glee fic from me. It's a sickness, I'm telling you.

Title: The Map is Not the Territory
Author: Catja Mikhailovic/kitsune13
Pairing: Will/Rachel
Rating: NC-17
Length: 8,700
Spoilers: Through 1.18 “Laryngitis,” but set some time after that.
Summary: To make him look forward to seeing her: that’s an achievable goal, she thinks.

Notes: For meltingconfetti, whose great vid Right Angle I had on repeat throughout the writing of this. Beta’d by the brilliant lareinenoire, who talked me down off the ledge of this story, and by the amazing jlh, who polished it to a shine: they are both wonderfully insightful writers and critics, and it was a privilege to work with them. Also, myr_soleil is a filthy, filthy enabler of my Will/Rachel love.

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c is for catja

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I do not have enough spoons to talk in any kind of depth about the Wincon thing -- I wasn't there, I've never been to Wincon, but many people I know and like have gone and had a great time, and it makes me really upset that their fun was compromised by others' refusal to respect boundaries and get consent. balefully, lazy_daze, setssima, impertinence, and many others have said great, important things about safe space and rape culture and victim blaming, and you should go read them.

On a much, much happier note, I am really looking forward to Glee tonight. This show is failtastic in so many ways, but I appreciate the fact that they seem to genuinely want me as a viewer, instead of, say, resenting that I'm DARING to get my nasty girl cooties all over their pristine depiction of heterosexual manliness. It's a sign of how Stockholm Syndrome-y I am about SPN that I can, in fact, still watch the show despite their active hatred, but it's nice to know it doesn't *have* to be that way. SPN SEASON FINALE THURSDAY OMG

In even happier news, I have been lucky enough to do some beta work for some awesome people. jlh has written some adorable, and by "adorable" I mean "You will want to CUDDLE THEM LIKE A FLUFFY BUNNY" stories about NuTrek's Kirk and McCoy and their true (and insanely hot) love: here and here. I'm also getting to beta on_verra's SPN Big Bang, and lareinenoire's AU Big Bang -- and let me tell you, Internets, when these go live, you will be in for a HUGE treat.

Oh! And I've been doing my own writing, too! I've been churning out Glee fic like there's no tomorrow. I've never had an easy time producing stories -- I LOVE writing fiction, but as my paltry Fic Masterlist indicates, I'm not exactly a bunny factory, and meta has always come more easily. But with Glee, I mainly want to fic, fic, and fic some more. I have, like, a half dozen stories percolating in my hard drive. (And a lot of it is PORN. Oh yes.)

Aaaaaaand, I finished the first draft of my SPN Big Bang, with like 5 minutes till deadline, and was claimed by the lovely violateraindrop! Here's my summary:

You Say the Dead Need No Physician, NC-17.
Sam and Dean are called down to Charleston, SC for a hunt: the narrowest house in the city, home of the legendary "Doctor to the Dead," is waking up after 150 years of sleep. The Doctor wished to cure dead souls of their mortal condition, and robbed graves and carried out experiments until an angry mob tore him to pieces. Why is the house waking up now, after all this time? Two local hunters, Maggie and Joe, believe that Sam and Dean, and only Sam and Dean, are capable of cleansing the house. There's something in the Doctor's house that will respond only to Sam and Dean, and in order to solve the case, they must cure the ills in their own relationship. (Sam/Dean first-time Wincest. Set vaguely post-season 5, but very much seasons 1 and 2 in spirit.)

This is the old-school Sam/Dean casefile fic I have been writing for, like, ever, that I dumped on lazy_daze last year; I finally decided to use it to lose my BB virginity. It's a riff on the title story in the classic collection of Charleston folklore Doctor to the Dead, by John Bennett; it's also a way of nostalgically reliving my own college days in the city -- I did part of my undergrad at the College of Charleston, and the Historic District was my stomping ground. I hope it turns out well -- seriously, my draft reads in places, "And then they had sex. A lot." :D