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My Fic [Nov. 3rd, 2020|12:51 am]
catja catja catja starts with c
In one handy place, here is all my fic. Warnings: flowery language, pretentiousness, folklore references, incest, juvenile humor. You can also find most of these on my page at Archive of Our Own.

Harry Potter

Percy/Ginny, R
He opens his mouth to tell her that someone needs to, someone needs to be responsible, someone needs to regulate such things, or. The window frame groans in harmony with the thunder outside, and he settles for a weary smile. A loose thread hangs from the seam of her nightgown, and he resists the urge to snip it off.
July 14, 2002

Fred/Ron, PG. For the First Kiss Challenge.
Fred decided to concoct a Plan. His previous efforts at kissing had usually consisted of knocking the other person over and sitting on them, but as that had failed to get the desired results, a new approach was necessary. He had sneaked looks at his Mum's books, all of which seemed to have titles like His Wicked Wand and Polyjuice Passion. From these, he had learned that witches, at any rate, like to be Wooed, although he wasn't exactly sure what a "turgid tumescence of throbbing joy" was, so he, or rather Ron, would have to do without that.
September 15, 2002

The Holly and the Ivy
Harry/Ron/Hermione (OT3 4EVA), PG. For Mistletoe Magic.
She came to them. She always would.
December, 2002.

And in Arcadia I
George/Ginny (implied Fred/George, Tom/underage!Ginny), R-NC-17-ish. For RS.org's Hetsmut Challenge.
He tried to speak sometimes; Ginny studied his face and mentally supplied dashes and ellipses, where his thoughts burned for a start, a finish, that wouldn’t come.
January 24, 2003

Traitor (The Mystery of the Cruelty of Things Remix)
Marcus/Percy, PG. Remix of deepsix's Traitor, for Rescribo: The Harry Potter Remix Challenge. Warning: fucked-up HTML.
Every little betrayal counts, Percy remembers dimly. There's a cluster of freckles on his wrist shivering under his pulse, mute and accusing. But Marcus leaves the same bruises he always does, the mottled purple and red hectic like a string of jewels erupting beneath Percy's too-white flesh.
June 17, 2003


If You Don't Watch Out
Sam/Dean, PG-13. For spn_j2_xmas.
While he was on this honesty kick, he may as well acknowledge that whatever this was between himself and Dean -- this thing, which he wouldn’t put a name to, that had been building since that night in a haunted hotel in Connecticut almost four years ago -- it was becoming harder to avoid dealing with it.
January 2, 2010.

You Say the Dead Need No Physician
Sam/Dean, NC-17. For spn_j2_bigbang.
Love happens, and you have to go where it goes.
August 14, 2010.


Every Rule I Had
Quinn/Will, R.
Quinn wants a lot of things. The reminder of the last time she wanted something so badly looms in front of her.
March 20, 2010.

The Map is Not the Territory
Will/Rachel, NC-17.
To make him look forward to seeing her: that’s an achievable goal, she thinks.
May 12, 2010.


Jared/Jensen, NC-17. For spn_j2_xmas.
Around Jared, Jensen is reduced to an assortment of body parts, and the most important part, the one who leads all the others, is always, always the one closest to Jared.
January 15, 2009